Do you want total financial freedom through real estate? 

It's not as complicated as you may think!

Anyone can win at this game. 



We did it, and so can you!


We're here to show you how.



We did it, and so can you!


We're here to show you how.




"I don't want to fail. I can't afford to lose money."
Mindset is everything. You're either winning or learning. The only time you fail is when you quit.

"I don't know much about numbers."
We use simple numbers and we show you exactly how to take calculated risks.

"Property management is a nightmare."
We believe in doing what you do best and outsourcing the rest. Real Estate should add to the quality of life, not take away from it.

"I'm not handy."
Anything can be fixed. There are so many handymen who would appreciate the work. 

"What about a market downturn?"
You only lose when you sell. And we'll share with you how we survived one without our income going down even by a dollar.

"If you live like no one else, one day you can live like no one else."

Dave Ramsey

You Don't Have to Be an Expert 


When we first started, we had no idea what we were doing. But through the school of hard knocks we learned the exact steps you need to take in order to achieve financial freedom through real estate. 

Now, we're here to help you achieve what we achieved.

Our story is proof that you don't have to have it all together.

You can build your story no matter where you are financially.

Our system will walk you through the exact steps you need to take.

We share with you


+ The key mindset shift that will help you become an investing machine!

+ Our 10-step process and methodology, finding the right investment type, how to finance it, calculate your return, making offers, fixing properties and so much more.

+ All the things you really want to know - we pull back the curtain and show you the numbers - real numbers from our personal investment portfolio.

Our 10 step process will take you from working every day to working only when you want.


Wherever you are in life, this course will guide your investment strategy from the ground up.

You will learn to make smart and calculated investment decisions so that you don't make the same mistakes we did.

Our Path to Passive Income method will guide you through the purchase of your first property and keep you on the right path for your 100th property. 


These ten proven steps have not only helped us but countless others achieve financial freedom through real estate. 

More than that, this course will show you how easy it is to create passive income by investing in real estate.

The secrets to our success:

SECRET #1: We got a mentor.

We were green and bound to make lots of mistakes and we didn't want to risk burning through the little investment we had. So we asked a close friend of ours to guide us. 
This is what we do for you through Mastering Real Estate, by condensing all we've learned into a simple, powerful process.

SECRET #2: We remained focused and consistent despite a huge market downturn.

By implementing our strategies, you'll see how you can maintain your income even when the market turns south.

And, our real estate investments have been the best hedge against inflation we could've imagined.

SECRET #3: We got addicted.

And we want you addicted to this game too, because we know what amazing things real estate investing can do for your family!


What People Are Saying

"I always wanted to invest in real estate, but I was scared. When the Benhams came along and promised to hold my hand through the process, I agreed to give it a try. It only took one deal following their 10-step plan and I was hooked. I cashed in my 401k and went "all in" with real estate. Now my wife won't leave me alone about investing in more deals!"

Jeff Holton

"After hemming and hawing for years over whether or not I should invest in real estate, when I heard about the Benhams' system I dove in. Now I can't get enough! Their education is so thorough and simple - it made it easy for me to get started and keep going."

Will Bridenstein

"I walked through the Benham's investment process step-by-step.  Now, seven years later, I'm living in total financial freedom."

Jonathan Evans

Here's why this will work for you


+ Real estate has a low barrier to entry. It's easier than you think to get in the game - even if you have no money. 

+ You don't have to have all the funding at hand. We share with you different ways on how you can creatively fund your investment. 

+ You don't have to do it all on your own. We show you exactly how to build a winning team.

+ All the benefits real estate provides you: Monthly cash flow, tax savings, debt reduction and so much more. You'll never look at real estate the same again.

+ Our process is simple and easy. You don't need to be a math genius to do this. You only need to believe and stay focused on the prize.

Expert Ownership: Mastering Real Estate helps you:


Discover your investment type.

Source, fund, and carry a deal to close.

Strategically fix up a house to increase both real and perceived value.

Build a brand, systems, and a cash flow road map.

Fortify your business as it grows.

How to effectively handle property managment so you don't jump off a bridge.
Avoid common mistakes most investors make.



Why Passive Income?: An unlikely analogy for money to show you how Monopoly is the greatest board game of all!.  
Why Real Estate?: Why we think real estate is one of the best ways to earn passive income 
Why Are YOU Taking This Course?Your "why" is the fuel for your "what." So if you know why you want to invest in real estate it's going to give you the motivation to see it through.
Four Habits For Success: Mastering Real Estate is the "get rich slow" model that promises the best way to invest.
The Power of Visualization: If you can see it you can achieve it.


MODULE 2: METHOD — A step-by-step process from idea to income

Path to Passive ProcessPath to Passive process. 
Find Your Investment TypeDiscover all the different types of real estate you can invest in. 
Figure Out Your Strategy: Learn the two types of real estate investments. 
Factor Your FinancesIf you want to get in the game, you need money! 
Forge Your PlanTo achieve our goals we have to make a plan.
Form Your Team: Who should be on your team and in what order to bring them on.
Source Your Property: We'll show you all the ways you can source a property and the best places to start - and keep - looking.
Select Your Property (part 1): We'll walk you through a structured criteria to select the right one. 
Select Your Property (part 2): The four things you need to do before select a property.
Focus on the DealStart considering the cost of repair along with other considerations.
Four Core Questions: Learn the four core questions you need to answer before you move forward on a property.
The 70% Rule: Flipping a property? Well, consider the 70% rule first!
The 1% Rule: This rule is the one we've followed more than any other rule when it comes to long-term rental property. 
The 50% Rule: How much should you factor for expenses on your long-term rentals
Location Multiplier
: A great formula we use when we have to buy a property that doesn't have a price tag on it.
CAP Rate: Investing in a commercial or multi-family property? Use this calculation to nail your number.
Calculate Your Return: Learn how to calculate your return.
Make Your Offer: We'll share our best practices, and our "rules of thumb" when there are multiple offers on the property. 
Carry it to Close: We'll give you the keys to make sure you don't lose the deal
Fund Your Deal: The different ways to fund a deal and a few strategies we like to use.
Fix It Up: The best ways to increase "real" value and "perceived" value.
Fortify Your Business: Setting yourself up legally to protect your assets
The ONE Thing: 
The one "four-letter word" you have to stay away from if you want to be a successful real estate investor


SECTION 3: MONEY — We are showing you the money

Our Personal Path to Passive IncomeTake a peek under the hood and see the "real" numbers of what we've invested in and how much money we've made. 
The Ten Step Plan in Real Life
We take you through our 10-step process in real life on one of our properties. 
Our First Investment
Everybody has a first investment. We did too, and we can't wait to share it with you. 





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