"Christians in business, the search is over. This is the clearest path to full-potential entrepreneurship I've ever seen."

-Eric Beck, Former Director of Training, EMyth Worldwide


Order your book and discover the 12-step growth plan developed by award-winning entrepreneurs, David and Jason Benham, designed to help faith-filled entrepreneurs make more money, find more time, and have a greater impact.

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What People Are Saying

“100% the best business book I have ever read, and I read a lot. I own two businesses, and I am totally and completely reshaping them to fall into the framework of this book.”

entrepreneur & author

"The 4S model is the stuff of legends! It's a clear picture of business and how to organize. I appreciate a reference so thorough and dependable I can always go back to it."

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The Benham's teach others to lead with God's word, to execute with excellence, and serve in business dynamically. The plan in this book is phenomenal! Get. It. Now.



Own Your Business Without It Owning You! 

Learn the exact plan the Benham brothers followed to launch all of their businesses, achieve financial success, and fund Kingdom efforts around the globe. This map led them from entrepreneurs to “SeeYaPreneurs” (read the book!) by the age of 33 while building healthy families ...at the same time!
Learn to make more money by building a desirable brand that people connect with immediately.
Find more time in your day by leveraging the 4S Model of systems development.
Have greater impact by understanding how to trust God as the true owner of your business.
And many more takeaways that will inspire you to reconsider how you approach business.

Dave Ramsey

President, Ramsey Solutions

"David and Jason show you how to achieve incredible success
by making God and family the cornerstones of your life.”

John Maxwell

Founder, The John Maxwell Companies

"I can tell you for certain that my long time friends, David and Jason,
will help you become a better entrepreneur.”

12-Step Process at-a-glance

SECTION 1: MINDSET—How You Think About Your Business 

Identity: Understand who you are and what you have to offer the world. 
Core Four: D
efine your mission, vision, values, and principles that will guide you. 
Ideation: Generate ideas that will make money and fall within your sweet spot. 
Brand: Define the unique way you will solve your customers’ problems


SECTION 2: MOVEMENT—How to Get Your Business Moving in the Right Direction

Value Creation: Define your value proposition and the plan to make it happen. 
Marketing: Learn how to generate prospects. 
Sales: Turn your prospects into purchasers. 
Value Delivery: Turn your purchasers into promoters. 


SECTION 3: MOMENTUM—How to Scale Your Business to the Next Level

Systems: Develop systems so you can work on the business and not in it. 
Team Building: Attract people who can run the system you’ve developed. 
Leadership: Learn the ability to create healthy appetites in those you lead. 
Money: Convert your cash into cash flow and become a SeeYaPreneur for life. 

When you finish the book, you will have the tools you need to become an Expert Owner who can serve God, thrive in business, and live the life of impact you’ve always dreamed about.