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The Owner's Suite brings Christian entrepreneurs together through content, coaching, and community. Connect and learn from other business owners just like you--don't do life alone in business anymore!

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On-Demand and Live Content

Enjoy three free courses: Blueprint For Impact ($97 Value), Launch Sequence ($47 value), and Expert Ownership (EO) Live (featuring John Maxwell & the OtterBox family - $97 value). Listen in to our weekly live discussions and monthly EO Specialist workshops.

Private Mastermind Community

Connect and engage with other Christian business owners from all over the world as we learn, study, and boldly live out timeless and proven biblical strategies together.

Member Benefits

Weekly live Q/A’s and webinars with the brother’s and members from their executive team. Exclusive deals on new products, courses, and live events. Behind the scenes access to EO strategists & specialists. And surprise swag when you least expect it!

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  • Access three on-demand courses, valued at $241
  • Connect and engage with other Kingdom-minded Members in our private Facebook Community
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  • Watch Sprint Sessions where we take a topic from our ecosystem and unpack it at a deeper level
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Join the Owner's Suite Today for $299