Expert Ownership Podcast

Expert Ownership Podcast

Hosted by: Benham Brothers

Do you want to build a bullet-proof business in today’s cancel culture - following the Bible as your roadmap to success? How about owning a business without it owning you, and thriving in your personal relationships...


Steve Pinkerton - Military Veteran to Crossfit Coach

Season #1 Episode #22

From fighting in Afghanistan to owning one of the fastest growing Crossfit gyms in America, Steve Pinkerton talks about how courageous leadership leads to significant profits, specifically through the Covid crisis!
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Keanu Trujillo - Enneagram Coach Helps You Know Yourself Better Than Ever

Season #1 Episode #21

To find your enneagram type and how you can use it to accomplish your goals visit In this episode, Keanu discusses with us the different personality types and how knowing our...
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Dustin Hepburn - Real Estate Pro Turned Coffee Shop Owner

Season #1 Episode #20

From real estate professional to coffee shop owner, Dustin Hepburn is our latest guest on the expert ownership podcast. Dustin was one of our first franchisees and took his experience with franchising into the world...
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Jaxson Ryker - Entrepreneurial WWE Superstar

Season #1 Episode #19

Not all entrepreneurs wear shirts! WWE superstar Chad Lail shows us what it’s like to live out your faith in the ring and the steps he took to make his dream a reality. Listen to his story!
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Dana Cavalea - Yankee's Coach Turned Life Coach

Season #1 Episode #18

In this episode, Dana talks about how he was faithful in the little things, which led him to becoming the head strength coach for the New York Yankees! He also explains his five core pillar method that YOU need to...
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Josh Richardson - How to Build a Multimillion Dollar Business w/out a Degree

Season #1 Episode #17

Meet Josh Richardson. After helping his dad start Otter Box he branched off and built Angel Armor, a multi-million dollar international company - and he never even went to college! Josh also talks about how he...
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Ken Harrison - LA Cop to Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur

Season #1 Episode #16

Successful entrepreneur, Ken Harrison, shares what he had learned throughout his career as a police officer, and how he built and sold a multi-million dollar business before reviving a massive men's ministry, Promise...
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Casey Crawford - Building a Corporate Culture

Season #1 Episode #15

Casey Crawford, former NFL tight end and CEO of Movement Mortgage, brings back the all of our old business memories of when we first met, and how our relationship has taught him the value of resisting business norms...
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Chris Hogan - How to Become an "Everyday Millionaire"

Season #1 Episode #14

Chris Hogan, author of Retire Inspired and Everyday Millionaires, teaches us how we can resist financial stupid in order to make more money, stay out of debt, and retire early!
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Jason Baker - MLB's COVID Pivots

Season #1 Episode #13

Memorial Day Always brings us back to our baseball roots, where every single game paused at the seventh inning to honor those who fight for our freedom. That’s why we are pumped about our latest podcast episode...
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Dallas Jenkins & Derral Eves - The Chosen

Season #1 Episode #12

When you work for year on a project and it's just not clicking the way it needs to, it's time to get creative. Dallas Jenkins and Derral Eves, the creators of The Chosen have a story that will inspire, convict, and...
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Christy Wright - Women in the Marketplace

Season #1 Episode #11

Christy Wright, founder of the Business Boutique, a business formed to help entrepreneurial driven women, explains the important and unique roles of women in the marketplace and where their men can step in and help out!
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